Olive Painted Antique Dresser

I don’t usually paint antiques in good condition. I have enough of my dad in me to know better. I usually stick to antiques that have already been devalued by recent refinishing or by damage. Most of my customers understand the value of an antique, so I don’t usually get asked to paint one.

In this case, this dresser had already been stripped, sanded and refinished in the recent years, so no value lost if I painted it… Perfect!

My customer wanted a green that bordered between an asparagus and an herb green. Olive seemed the happy medium, so I chose Valspar’s La Fonda Olive. After sanding down the dresser, cleaning all the drawers, crevices, etc. with a TSP cleaner, I painted it with my own formula of chalk paint, and then gave it a bath in black antiquing glaze and then distressed in just the right places. The insides, I painted a nice cream. The top, I stained using my favorite color in Minwax Dark Walnut and finished in a satin Poly.