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I launched Blue-Eyed Sparrow in August of 2012 in San Antonio, Texas after thinking of ways to try my hand at a small business where I could use my gifts and make it worthwhile. After much thought and brainstorming with my husband, I woke up one day and had an aha moment. The one thing I grew up with, the craft I’m most comfortable with could make for a great business! Not to mention all of my own pieces I’ve repurposed in our home – why not do it for others?

I used to hover around my father as a young girl watching him in his woodworking business. For years, he pursued this love. He spent many hours bringing wood to life, antiques to their original beauty, and little by little he would teach me tips and tricks. Although, my father would probably be horrified to know I have no problem painting an antique.

So the journey began and the business has done real well. I’ve custom painted over a 200 furniture pieces so far and have had the privilege of working with dozens of fantastic customers. My goal is to make every customer a raving fan!!! It’s been a joy bringing smiles to friends and new friends as I’ve added a splash of color and style to their furniture. It seems like most customers enjoy my custom furniture painting service as it allows them to share in the creativity, but frees them from the challenging work. No matter your style: vintage, shabby chic, cottage, eclectic, mid century modern, west elm or anthropologie inspired – I can create the look you’re envisioning.

I’ve found there is so much family history to hold on to and retell in a furniture piece. With a simple repurpose, you can add new life to your home and have a story to tell your friends.

Blue-Eyed Sparrow also offers repurposed furniture for sale. In all our services, you’ll discover warm friendliness, creativity and quality work.

Oh and by the way, if you need a great handyman my husband does great work. His name is Ted and his company is DoneRightHandyman.Today






Look forward to working with you!

Anna Thevaos

Jennifer BellWho’d of thought such unsuspecting trips, tagging along with mom, to the parade of homes would have birthed such a love for design. Between that and sitting around, with coffee in hand, flipping through house magazines with her 3 sisters, talking about the latest trends in home decor – creativity flourished. Whether Jennifer is decorating her own home or working on design projects for others, she has a knack of bringing together the latest colors and trends. Everything she touches comes out pretty amazing, so we couldn’t wait to bring her onto the Blue-Eyed Sparrow team. She’s helped us add much needed pizazz to our Helotes and Soflo MarketDays displays. Not to mention all the heavy furniture lifting behind the scenes. Jennifer works with Anna on custom furniture painting projects and repurposed furniture for sale. If you need any creative design ideas or have a design project for Jennifer, she’d be happy to work with you on that too. View Design by Jennifer.

Laura ThevaosAt age 7, a pencil portrait of her grandmother Marta caught Laura’s attention. She was determined to copy it all by herself. So she sat down and began to draw. After Laura’s first attempt, her mother Anna, thought it was just alright. This drove her to make it even better. She went back to work and after several hours she showed her drawing again. This time Anna was amazed. She began raving to all her friends about what a great artist her daughter Laura was. Countless trips to the art store later and the gift of art lessons by her grandmother, Rosalind, for her recent 13th birthday; has put Laura well on her way to bringing much joy to many people through her inspiring art. Decorate your home with an inspiring painting from a young aspiring artist. Let joy fill your home! View Paintings by Laura.


Richard and Brenda

The desk looks Amazing!!! But I didn’t expect any less coming from you based on your previous work for us. I’m so glad we asked you to work on it and so thankful you took the time to do such a beautiful job. We will completely enjoy this desk for years to come.


Thank you for working on my furniture!!! I also wanted to thank you for praying for me.


I am really thrilled about the piece I purchased at The Helotes MarketPlace and thank you so much for the giveaway.


Thank you so much for making Greyson’s nursery a room I want to spend forever in. You are uber talented and it comes through in all your hard work.


I’m writing you this with so much happiness! I absolutely love my rehabbed statement piece for the nursery. I’m so pleased with your work, your pricing, and the speed in which the project was done. I’d like to thank you and your husband for dropping off the dresser today, it’s perfect!

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