Design By Jennifer

Design by Jennifer

Who’d of thought such unsuspecting trips, tagging along with mom, to the parade of homes would have birthed such a love for interior design. Between that and sitting around, with coffee in hand, flipping through house magazines with her 3 sisters, talking about the latest trends in home decor – creativity flourished.

Whether Jennifer is decorating her own home or working on design projects for others, she has a knack of bringing together the latest colors and trends. Everything she touches comes out pretty amazing, so we couldn’t wait to bring her onto the Blue-Eyed Sparrow team.

She’s helped us add much needed pizzas to our Helotes and SoFlo MarketDays displays. Not to mention all the heavy furniture lifting behind the scenes. Jennifer works with Anna on custom furniture painting projects and repurposed furniture for sale.

If you need any creative design ideas or have a design project for Jennifer, she’d be happy to work with you on that too. Below are some highlights of Jennifer Bell’s interior design work. Contact for more information.