Soflo Market this Saturday

I invite you and your family to come out this Saturday, August 10 from 10 am – 4 pm, to a great event called SoFlo Market, here in San Antonio. Me and other vendors will be selling our handcrafts. It’s a great experience just seeing all of the creativity our city has to offer. There are many vendors who work hard to make unique and one of a kind products that are truly inspiring just to see. I know, speaking from a vendor’s perspective, it is not only comforting to know you are among other peers who put as much hard work into their craft as you do, but its such encouragement when customers come out to support our work. It makes what we do that much more worth it. When we get people who admire, touch and purchase our hard work, its makes us feel like we just handed them a part of who we are. And that’s exciting! There is nothing we love more.

I will be taking some of my latest furniture pieces out. I’m lowering my prices unbelievably just for this event, so I hope you will be able to take home a piece for your home. I will also have my daughter Laura’s art there to sell. I’m very excited for you to see some of her latest whimsical art work. Jennifer Bell and Michelle Beck, my sisters in law, will have plenty of hand made accessories there as well. From head turbans to growth charts and so much more in between, they make great additions to own.

So, come on out if only to support the arts, and perhaps you will find something special you didn’t expect.